Usb2.0 Video Dvd Vhs Audio Capture Card Adapter For Mac

Posted : admin On 14.12.2019
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I purchased this to convert my 30 VHS tapes I have from over 30 years ago. Very easy to use. I had to download the software. I do not have any other devices to compare this to but I am done with 5 tapes so far and was able to save at Hi-Res and upload to YouTube to share with family and friends. A definite recommend if you have old tapes to convert.

This USB2.0 video adapter with audio, it can capture high-quality video and audio file direct by USB2.0 interface without sound card. However, the installation is very simple and the external power is unnecessary. Video studio is video-editing software that makes editing your. EzCAP Mac USB 2.0 TV DVD VHS Audio Capture Video Adapter Mac Video TV DVD VHS Audio Capture Adapter USB 2.0 EZCAP. The ezcap128 Mac USB Video Grabber, is for the MAC operating system only.

I looked online and it looks like service charge about $20 per tape to convert. I already am ahead of the game in just 5 tapes.

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Usb 2.0 video dvd vhs audio capture card adapter for mac software

You certainly do not have to, I do not get anything from it, but I get a good feeling that. Let me first say that I tried 'em all before this one: TOTMC, EZCAP, even the Elgato with limited (if any) results. The TOTMC was the best of those three, which actually would capture video and audio but the problem was the audio broke up a lot in the final MPEG2 using the given software (ShowBiz).

Upon this, I decided it was the capture's fault and bought an EZCap (again supplied with ShowBiz). This one did the exact same thing, with even worse results. Then decided 'oh, I'm not spending enough!'

And sprung for the Elgato. Well, those drivers wouldn't even install on my system (Win7Pro, x64), so that was a true waste. After reading a ton of reviews, and even two pages stating 'it's YOUR fault frames are dropping and sound is cutting out, here's what YOU can do, it's NOT your. This is a great inexpensive audio capture device.

We had some old audio cassettes that we wanted to preserve in digital format. Having looked into hiring out this service we thought we would try to do it ourselves.

I would like to point out that it suggests that you disable any anti-virus software on your computer in order to install the software included on the disk.just remember to turn your anti-virus software back on! Once we connected the RCA cables to our cassette player the software pretty much did the work for us. We were surprised how easy the process was and the audio quality was pretty good coming from a 30 year old cassette tape. I am not a techie type person and was hesitant to try this myself but was surprised at how simple the process was and the results were good. For less than $20 we were.Using with a mini DV Camcorder.Unbelievably this actually worked.

Using it on a mac running a pretty old OS(forget the goofy names they give them sorry). Simple interface once you fumble thru it. Software lets you choose quality preferences. Had to install the software thought maybe the mac would recognize it and i could run it thru iMovie.

Make sure you register software when prompted. Records in real time with no sound but sound is there at playback. Def worth the $29 to save some great footage from my old mini DV camcorder.

This product works great! My company is using this to utilize the Cisco Precision HD Cameras (from Cisco C20 system) as webcams for Skype and GotoMeeting. We decided to go with this product instead of the BackMagic Design Intensity Shuttle due to the large number of reviews stating compatibility issues.

This was also less expensive and was a Prime product so I was able to get it faster. I also contacted each of the products support with questions and StarTech was also very happy to help whereas BlackMagic was far less helpful and treated me as if I were bothering them. Pros: Fantastic picture, great quality and the cameras maintain their PTZ functions with the remote. You will likely need a separate 12V 2A power supply as ours was originally powered by the C20 unit via Ethernet. I tried to power it with a power injector and would not function that.

I write this from the perspective of someone completely new to video game capture (which isn't much different from regular video capture). I was recommended the HD60 S model by a lot of gamers online, so my choice was easily made for me. — DIFFERENCES — The main difference between the HD60 and HD60 S is that the S has the lowest delay between the game on your TV and the preview on your computer. I also got it because it records at one resolution setting of your choice while the HD60 can steam at one resolution while recording at another. The HD60 S also comes with a USB-C to USB cable versus a USB to USB cable.

— SETUP — Setup was easy and intuitive. It comes with two cables: one HDMI and one USB-C to USB cable. It's pretty self-explanatory as to what cable goes where. Plug an HDMI cable from your. Simple steps to follow to record anything from a device that has an hdmi output. Buy this capture box 2.

Usb2.0 Video Dvd Vhs Audio Capture Card Adapter For Mac

Usb2.0 Video Dvd Vhs Audio Capture Card Adapter For Mac

Buy any flash drive maximum capacity of 32GB (capture box will not work with high capacity external hard drive and i've heard that using any flash drive over 32GB will cause problems, i just transferred from my flash drive to my external hard drive through my mac) 3. Buy this splitter to eliminate any security protection emitted from any hdmi device ASIN:B004F9LVXC ViewHD 2 Port 1x2 Powered HDMI Mini Splitter for 1080P & 3D Model: VHD-1X2MN3D 4. Any hdmi cable, the capture box comes with one but you'll need another for the splitter. Connect, for example, your dvr or any hdmi device to the splitter, splitter to the capture box, capture box to your tv. Place the flash drive into the capture box and then turn everything on. Push the rec/stop button to. It seems to work well as a capture device.

The software included is several years old, however. It has a bug where it thinks home videos are copywrited and will stop recording at odd moments during playback/capture. I found a forum that mentioned the problem with Arcsoft Showbiz, and it posted a solution.

Putting ProtectOn=0 in the CaptureModule.ini file in the CaptureModule section seems to stop that behavior. Seems to have worked well since. I'd give it a 5 if it wasn't for the old included software. Probably best to get something more current anyway. I am about to go and write a BAD review for a similar item, (EasyCAP DC60) which I bought prior to ordering the AVerMedia C039.

If this review spares one person from making the similar mistake, I'll be glad. Like lots of folks out there, I have old personal videos on VHS, VHS-C, and 8mm tape, and I'd like to convert them to digital to share and store. The cost of having that done is a bit off-putting, and you just have to leave off your old tapes (or mail them) with someone and hope they do a good job of it. Having captured video in the past from magnetic media via (now antiquated) capture cards, I took a peek online and found that since then, the hardware has come a long way! Now you can also EASILY capture the sound along with the video (used to. Surpringly works on my MacBook using High Sierra with my old Sony camcorder to create videos that can be burned to dvd and posted online.

Thankfully able to export old videos that I’d given up any hope of being able to see outside of the Sony, and now able to share with family. Surpringly easy however need to remember to plug in the adapter to the camcorder, then into the laptop, and then start the software. Software easily takes care of the rest, even if the included digital instructions (PDF) are not the best. I purchased this capture card with the idea to use it for video streaming of training sessions. I needed to capture the HDMI output form a laptop into a PC, to combine it with web cam + sound from the audio system and stream it with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). It support OBS and other streaming software.

I can take the stream from this device as capture card video source in OBS. My conclusion: The adapter is small and function very well. Full HDMI 1080p with no bulky power dongle.

I am replacing a more expensive Epiphan DVI2USB device with no loss in functionality. Our application is a laptop PowerPoint/Keynote HDMI out to a USB input on a MacBookPro running MiMo broadcast/stream software works perfect with no problems.