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Unregistered Registered Recording Time Limit 10 minutes (per file) Unlimited (Over 24 hours recording) No Watermark X O O O O O O O Image Capture (bmp, png, jpg) O O Game FPS overlay and control O O. If the product is registered, the will not be shown on the recorded video and the recording time will be unlimited. Once you purchase the program, there is a lifetime guarantee on the license as long as you follow the license policy. If you uninstall the registered Bandicam, you can transfer the license to another computer. Windows Apps:. Online Games: Version history Old Versions Download:, 4.2.1.

Bandicam now supports. Improved the webcam overlay UI. Improved the repeat screen capture setting UI. Removed the Facebook upload function. Bugs fixed. The 'Failed to initialize codec' error occurred when the constant bitrate (CBR) value was set over 60,000kbps with the H.264(CPU) codec.

Some skin images were broken when the DPI Scaling option was used. Other minor bugs fixed.

Debut Video Capture for Mac is a video capture tool that has a good looking layout with an easy to navigate control panel. With it you can capture video from your webcam, desktop or video source.

4.2.0. Added the recording area selection function (Improved the 'Find window' function.). Added a magnifier function when adjusting the size of the rectangle window. Added the 'Select a recording area' option in Screen Recording Mode. Added the 'Upgrade Registration' button to update the license information. The maximum time interval of the repeat screen capture function has been changed from 999 seconds to 9999 seconds. Bugs fixed.

The Flip screen (Vertical) function of the device recording mode did not work properly. Other minor bugs fixed. 4.1.7. Bugs fixed. Failed to take a screenshot in Device Recording Mode.

Video Recorder For Mac Free

Other minor bugs fixed. 4.1.6. The Find Window function in the rectangle window can be canceled by pressing the ESC key. Bugs fixed. Several hotkeys in the 'Rectangle on a screen' menu didn't work.


Other minor bugs fixed. 4.1.5.

Bandicam is now able to copy a screenshot to the clipboard with a hotkey (Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Alt+C). The maximum video resolution for AMD VCE H.264 encoder has been changed from 1920x1080 to 4096x2160. The term of the hardware-accelerated encoder for AMD has been changed from 'AMD APP' to 'AMD VCE'.

Improved Bandicam execution speed. Bandicam now displays an error message if the 'Set timer for Auto Start Recording' option is checked while the recording mode is not selected. The drawing tool now moves together with the rectangle window. Bugs fixed. The cursor tool in drawing mode didn't work in the full screen recording mode. Other minor bugs fixed.

4.1.4. Added the cursor button in drawing mode which allows users to click the mouse cursor without drawing. Added command line interface (/record, /stop, /shutdown, /nosplash, /safemode, /reg).

Bandicam now supports Vulkan 1.1 in Game Recording Mode. Added the full-screen option in the Around Mouse recording mode. Improved the Output folder selection UI. The size selection menu in the Rectangle recording mode has changed (854x480 - 848x480, 480x270 - 480x268). Other minor bugs fixed.

4.1.3. Added support for line drawing in drawing mode. Added support for drawing a straight/horizontal/diagonal line and square with the Shift key. Added a button to install and run Bandicut. Improved AMD APP H.264 codec recognition of AMD Radeon Pro series. The default audio codec of AVI has been changed from MP2 to MP3.

Bugs fixed. The 'Always on top option' on the rectangle window didn't work if the 'Add webcam overlay' option was checked. Sequence number in drawing mode didn't work properly when undo/redo was executed.

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Sequence number in drawing mode didn't work properly when undo/redo was executed. Bandicam stopped working when changing the video resolution under certain circumstances. Failed to initialize the NVENC H.264 lossless encoder while using the CBR option under certain circumstances. Bandicam stopped working when the video resolution of the Around Mouse recording mode was larger than the monitor resolution. Other minor bugs fixed. 4.1.2.

Bandicam now provides a profile for the NVENC H.264 codec. Bandicam now supports the lossless video encoding of the NVENC H.264 codec.

Added the 'bdcamsafemode' shortcut to start Bandicam in Safe Mode. Added an option to flip the screen horizontally/vertically in the webcam overlay menu. Added an option to flip the screen horizontally/vertically in Device Recording Mode. Improved the recording performance of the H.264 (CPU) codec.

Bandicam version and encoder type information will be added to the recorded video. Bugs fixed. Bandicam crashed when the record hotkey was pressed if the recording mode was not selected. Failed to initialize video capture device under certain conditions. The Non-Admin mode of Bandicam (bdcamnonadmin.exe) didn't work on some computers. Other minor bugs fixed.