Weather Channel Download For Mac

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  1. Free Weather Channel Download For Mac
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  3. Weather Channel Download For Mac

Home Page Download Page The Weather Channel Desktop. The Weather Channel Desktop is a free application for Windows to display current weather conditions on your desktop. It shows the current weather conditions as well as weather forecast for next 10 days. It can also show the weather conditions on hourly basis. Weather channel free download - The Weather Channel Mac Widget, The Weather Channel Screensaver, The Weather Channel Dashboard Widget, and many more programs. More about The Weather Network The software version is 2.0.19 and its last update happened on 1/04/2017.

Weather Channel Download For Mac

About Radar In Motion A Dashboard widget that grabs radar images from the Weather Channel or NOAA and displays the animation. One can access the radar for a given city in the United States or get a regional map, including several international maps. The widget has options for displaying and updating the maps, including weather alerts and the ability to save maps for a specified period of time.

Free Weather Channel Download For Mac

What’s New in this Version - Fixed inability to unselect “Show Border” option - Fixed minor button glitches.

It is almost necessary to keep in touch with the present weather and the latest forecasts. Be it to plan an outing with family or friends or to plan a vacation, weather can play quite a spoilsport at times. To avoid all this mess that weather can create, it is good to keep in touch with the latest weather forecasts regularly. Here is a list of the top 20 weather apps for Mac: Now get real-time weather updates with stunning videos on this app. There is also a quick access menu and weather maps provided.


You will get a clear picture of humidity, visibility, pressure, precipitation, sunset and sunrise with this weather app. It covers over 2.5 million locations with weather forecasts and warnings in case of severe weather along with a world clock. Get access to visual weather reports with thoughtful people symbols that are dressed as per the weather. The details are real-time with forecasts on an hourly and daily basis and radar images. This app gives you highly accurate weather data after automatically determining your location.

Also comes with Radar maps, multiple locations weather, severe weather alerts and growl integration. Information about barometric pressure, dew point, moon phase, sunset, sunrise and a lot more too. Live Wallpaper comes with wallpaper having weather forecast and live clock in many themes, unique styles and layouts. Select the time format and custom text, with the option to hide either. This world clock also has an accurate weather forecast. Get access to different world times and weather over millions of cities across the globe.

Weather Channel Download Windows 10

Has a screensaver, live wallpaper and cloud cover. All this on the menu bar with a single click or a customizable shortcut. Access the current weather and forecasts right from your desktop with Weather Dock. There is an animated icon with customizable animation speed.

To get a more detailed report, you only have to click this icon. View the present weather on your menu bar with ease. Automatic detection of location or you can even enter a location to obtain its weather data. Refreshes automatically after every 15 minutes and upon waking up from sleep. Select the measurement units as per your convenience. Click for a more detailed Yahoo!

Weather Channel Download For Mac

Besides giving you weather forecasts and current weather conditions, this app also provides you with appropriate videos and also a screensaver on your desktop. A single click on the animated icon that shows weather takes you to an elaborate weather report. Select a location based on airport code, address or even by automatic location detection.

Get weather updates for cities worldwide on a window, on a dock or on your menu bar right on your desktop. There is a detailed forecast report and weather alerts with custom images and radar images (which can also be animated). View NEXRAD Level 3 radar data with severe weather warnings on Radarscope. There is a display of severe weather conditions and disasters with active warnings available on an information sidebar. You can zoom into the map, click on it for details and also scroll around it. The data is intelligently updated automatically every 5-10 minutes. ) Swackett X is a weather app with visual weather reports in the form of people symbols that are dressed in accordance with the weather.

You can get current details and forecasts on a daily and hourly basis with radar images. There are smart warnings and watches along with push notifications. An excellent weather app for your Mac! It provides the accurate temperature and weather conditions of any location in the world.

It features a beautiful design displaying night and day cycle and provides real-time weather based on your current location. Weather 5 days Get easy access to weather updates on your status bar with real-time temperature and daily as well as hourly forecasts. Uses geolocation to give you the weather as per your present location.

Also access weather conditions of other locations with the search engine. All weather details are given in concise with hourly weather for the next 5 days. With Live Dock Weather, you can get weather updates the way you would prefer them. You can use iLifeTouch to suggest features that you would like to see. You get weather right on your dock. There are also weather displays for your desktop to get weather updates round the clock.

Covering a wide range of locations, it also provides a voice forecast. WeatherMin provides a weather monitor for your desktop having a number of built-in themes and options for notifications. Current weather is displayed on your menu bar with accurate forecasts and data upon your demand.

Weather channel app for mac

Automatically detects the location of your Mac to give local forecasts with growl notifications for changes and alerts. Makes use of minimal CPU and memory. This weather app lives on the menu bar and gives you weather forecasts, current conditions and also animated radars of a specified location or current location. Has a high-quality icon that provides necessary updates. Details include dewpoint, feels like temperature, wind gust speed and direction, humidity level, visibility and lot more. Provides real-time local forecasts upto the minute with hourly, current and daily weather forecasts.

It also gives you trends for select cities. The current temperature id displayed on the menu bar with alerts for active weather. Storms can be followed with interactive radar maps, satellite maps, photos, videos and lot more. Also keeps you updated with latest weather news. There is an optional dock icon too.

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Get information about the weather of a particular city from a choice of thousands worldwide. You can access weather in the dock, menubar or window. Displays extended forecasts, weather alerts, radar and custom images besides current weather conditions. Temps gives you a world clock and menubar weather station that provides weather forecasts for current location, Netatmo Weather Station and upto 11 other locations. Location of the Mac can be synced with iCloud.

Weather data includes cloud cover, atmospheric pressure, feels like temperature and humidity along with current temperature. Also gives local time, sunset and sunrise. This wallpaper serves the functions of a clock, theme style, weather forecast, city, time format and distinct image. You can change the city and time format.

There are many high quality themes and images for your desktop. The size automatically adjusts to that of your Mac screen.