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You have a Mac computer, and you want to learn how to easily edit and organize your photos, right? Mac Photos is the free application that comes with all Mac computers (previously called iPhoto). This course will teach you how to use all of the amazing features of Mac Photos, a truly powerful editing and organizing tool for all kinds of photographers. Install Movavi Photo Editor on any Apple personal computer compatible with Mac OS versions 10.7–10.13, for example, OS X Lion, OS X Yosemite, OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra. The app is so easy to learn that you don’t even have to know the basics about how to edit photos on Mac. You can get to work on your MacBook Pro or Mac mini right away.

General preferences In the General pane, you can change basic Photos preferences. For example, you can set whether photos are shown in a “summarized” view, select whether imported items are copied into your library, select whether GPS information is included with photos, and more.

When Photos For Mac

Preference Explanation Library Location To view the location of your Photos library in the Finder, click Show in Finder. To use the currently open library as your System Photo Library (which allows you to use it with iCloud Photos), click Use as System Photo Library. For information about how to switch libraries, see. Photos To display your photos in a summarized view that shows only a selection of thumbnails for each year or collection, select the “Summarize photos” checkbox. To show thumbnails of all photos in a collection or year, deselect this checkbox.

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Memories To include groups of holiday photos as memories, select the Show Holiday Events checkbox. To exclude holiday photos from your memories, deselect this checkbox.

To see a notification when a new memory is available, select the Show Memories Notification checkbox. If you have blocked certain types of memories but want to create these types of memories again, click Reset Blocked Memories. Importing By default, Photos stores all imported photo and video files in the Photos library. To leave imported items in their current location outside of the library, deselect the “Copy items to the Photos library” checkbox. If photos are stored outside the library, they will not be automatically uploaded to iCloud Photos and available on all your devices.

You must manually back them up to safe storage locations. Metadata To have Photos use location information embedded in photos taken by a GPS-enabled camera (including iPhone), select the “Include location information for published items” checkbox. Note: If Optimize Mac Storage is selected and you’re running low on storage space, Live Photos are stored on your computer as still images. However, when you open a Live Photo, the entire photo plays as usual. For more information about iCloud Photos, see.

My Photo Stream Select this checkbox to turn on My Photo Stream. My Photo Stream automatically transfers new photos to all your other iOS devices and computers that have My Photo Stream turned on. My Photo Stream only stores photos taken in the last 30 days (up to 1000 photos); it doesn’t permanently store your photos. Shared Albums Select this checkbox to share albums with others and subscribe to albums that others share with you. You can select photos and share them with friends and family; people you share with can view the photos, make comments, and even add photos of their own.

How to Crop Photos on Mac for Free We have all grown “photo crazy” these days thanks to growth of social media sites and technology around the globe. Talk about the likes of Instagram and those memes on Facebook and Twitter that we all love. No wonder, photo editing apps are now a norm around as everyone wants to be part of the “photo revolution”. That said, you may want to crop or edit your photos on your mac and you are perhaps wondering which apps you can use. Well, this article is just for you as we will be teaching you how to crop photos on mac for free using a number of cool options built into your mac.

Start taking some notes! How to crop photos with Photos App on Mac For starters, you can crop and edit your photos on Mac using a Photos App for Mac. You will simply need to update your mac to any Mac OS X from Yosemite and later to use this amazing native app.

This is an app that can help you keep your photos organized while you can also edit your photos in a non-destructive fashion. As for the former, photos app for mac organizes your photos, videos, memories, favorites, people, and more in a library.

You can also do more with the photos app for mac including playing slideshows, sharing photos (via iCloud, mail and social media) and editing your photos. Talking of editing, let’s look at some of the crop maneuvers you can do with this free photo editing app for mac. How to Crop a Photo As a Rectangle on Your Mac Cropping your photos using the Photos App for Mac is quite easy. Just double click on the photo you want to edit and click on Edit on the upper right corner of the app’s window. If you want to edit a photo in another folder, then you will simply need to import the photo by clicking on FileImport to open the photo.

Mac Photo Editor Built In

Once you have clicked on Edit, you will get a range of editing options. Make sure the crop Icon located at the left part of the editing panel is set to square or a rectangle. If it is not a rectangle or a square just click on the arrow on the arrow next to the box to toggle. Then click on any part of your photo and you will get a rectangular or square outline-drag into expand depending on the area you want to be covered in your new photo. You can resize using the blue dots that appear at the corners and sides of your cropping outline and once you have got your area, click on the Crop button at the top of the menu and you are good to go. How to Crop a Photo into a Circle on Your Mac Cropping your photos into a circular shape is pretty much the same as doing in a rectangular way. The only tweak, in this case, is to select Elliptical Selection in the Crop Icon.

Again, after selecting this, click on your photo drag your cursor around the photo. A crop outline will appear in a circular shape having blue dots that you can use to resize the crop area any way you want to. How to crop photos with Preview App on Mac Apart from using the Photo App for Mac to crop photos, you can also use the underrated Preview App to crop your photos. This tool is available for any mac users so even the earliest versions of Mac owners can use it.

Let’s look at how you can crop your photos using the preview app for Mac: Step 1: Open Your Image The first thing you would want to do is open the image you want to edit on the preview app Step 2: Crop Your Image. Start editing your image by clicking on the Editor Toolbar found on the right side of the toolbar as shown:. Pick the type of selection type you want, be it Rectangular Selection, Elliptical Selection, Lasso Selection or Smart Lasso. Draw your desired shape on the photo then scale to fit in with the part you want to crop.

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Once you are happy with the selection, click on command+ K or simply go to ToolsCrop Step 3: Save Your Photo The last step is to save your photo to your desired location. Click on the File menu and choose Save or Save As. It’s that simple! If you are editing lots of photos then you would want to use shortcuts to speed up the process. Check out how the steps get simpler with shortcuts: Steps to Crop Images on Preview Using Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Select the image you want to edit in finder then hit Command+O.