Will My Old Pc Work As A Slave For Mac

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Tip: If a webcam lists compatibility with Windows Vista (yes, Vista) it will work with a Mac even for as far back as the old iChat AV app, since support for Vista presupposes support for UVC; in. Get a second-life from an old iMac by turning it into a monitor for a new Apple Mac computer. This feature shows you how to use one Mac's monitor as a display for another Mac. When a computer needs more space, creating a slave hard drive to hold just data and no programs is an.

A few possibilities to look into: 1. USBSATA converter may be faulty or have a loose connection (check that it listed under 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' in device manager). The hard disc connection to the USBSATA adapter may be loose (check 'Disk Drives' in the same place). Although the drive is spinning, it may not have enough power, so check that it's listed as a drive in 'Disk Management'. This is fairly common with 2.5' drives, particularly if they get the power from a PC, in which case you should try a USB 'Y lead' or a separate power supply. Run 'Disk Management' and see if the drive is listed, and what its status is.

If everything else is OK (appears, formatted etc), it may well be a drive letter conflict, in which case you should right click on it and assign it a different drive letter. Finally, as the drive is your own, I'm guessing it wasn't encrypted, but just in case it didn't occur to you, could that be the problem? 1) Right-click on “My Computer” then Click on “Manage” or open Computer management from cntrol panel then administrative tools 2) Double-click “Disk Management” You will probably the old hard drive Disk 3) Right-click in the left portion of that drive Disk 4) Click “Initialize” and “OK” in the next dialog box. Wait few seconds and it should now say “Online” in the box. 5) If there is no assigned drive letter, right click on the big space of your old hard drive then choose Assign drive letter or Change Driver Letter and Path. 'I have an old hard drive (from old Windows XP PC) which I tried retrieving files from by connecting to my new computer (running Windows 7) using a USB to SATA cable. Once all cables were connected and I plugged in to a USB port, the new PC is not showing the drive at all.

The old hard drive is on and spinning. When I look under my Devices and Printers, the USB to SATA cable shows up, but I still cannot see or access the old drive.' I have the same problem.

Will my old pc work as a slave for mac downloadWill my old pc work as a slave for machine

Will My Old Pc Work As A Slave For Machine

Using Computer Management, clicked on Storage, clicked on Disk Management, the old hard drive (using a USB to SATA cable) is listed as Disk 1. When you right click you are given two options 'Convert to Dynamic Disk' or 'Help'. Obviously, I am trying to recover the files that are on the old hard drive (which I wanted to run a virus check on before moving any files over to the new computer). Given that converting to dynamic disk is a one way road, I have not proceeded. Safari 5.1.7 download for mac. If you convert to dynamic disk, does that fix the issue?

Are the files on the old drive then visible?