Zdnet Clock: Overclocking For Mac

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Zdnet clock: overclocking for mac mac

Jun 30, 2008 - Mac OS X only: Freeware application ZDNet Clock overclocks your Mac Pro's. Mac Pro (3.1) with a 2.8GHz processor can be overclocked to. Complete Web Page World Clock. Complete super easy to use Web Page Clock with all clock options! Everyone in the. Has complete page clock design options! You can change the clock background to any color you want. Any colored clock numbers you want, any clock borders of any styles. With great complete clock design options. Jun 29, 2008 - Using the ZDNet Clock tool Mac Pro and Xserve owners (and those only). It should be noted that overclocking puts a strain on the hardware.

ZDNet has announced what it says is the first tool for the Mac Pro. Windows options for overclocking are prevalent, but none have been available for the Mac Pro, according to ZDNet.

It claims that the new software, called ZDNet Clock, is capable of speed increases of 15 to 20 percent, and most computers with 2.8GHz chips should be able to meet or exceed 3.2 GHz. The version 1.0 software supports Intel processors on a Mac Pro or Xserve and requires Max OS X 10.5; it is available for download now, free of charge.

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The downloadable software self-detects the chips on launch and, using a slider tool, can increase clockspeed and frontside bus speed. ZDNet recommends jumps of 10MHz at a time in order to find highest stable speed, as each CPU will have have its own tolerances. RAM chip quality can affect the overclocking process, according to the software developer: Hynix (the brand currently shipping in 2008 models), Kinsington and Transcend modules have worked well in testing. ZDNet Clock comes with an error-tracking module to aid the user in checking stability, and gradually increasing speed until optimum stable speed for the chip is found.

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